Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Explain Alpha, Beta, Gamma Testing.
Alpha Testing : Alpha Testing is mostly like performing usability testing which is done by the in-house developers who developed the software or testers. Sometimes this Alpha Testing is done by the client or an outsider with the presence of developer and tester. The version release after alpha testing is called Alpha Release.

Beta Testing : Beta Testing is done by limited number of end users before delivery, the change request would be fixed if the user gives feedback or reports defect. The version release after beta testing is called beta Release. mostly windows software release for Beta testing before final release.
Gamma Testing : Gamma Testing is done when the software is ready for release with specified requirements, this testing is done directly by skipping all the in-house testing activities.
What is Concurrency Testing? 

 Concurrency Testing(also commonly known as Multiple User Testing) as the name explain this is a part of performance testing and used to know the effects of accessing the Application, Code Module or Database when specified number of user access the application simultaneously in a specified set of behavior. It helps in identifying and measuring the problems in Response time, levels of locking and deadlocking in the application.

To Perform such test, we use performance testing tool as they help test team to generate the scenario and easily create/increase the number of user required to access the test application/ Environment.